About TalentyO

Recruiting & Staffing Solutions that fit your needs

TalentyO is an American company specialized in Recruitment & Staffing solutions in the United States and Canada.

Our rigorous 24/7 recruiting process allows us access to the largest pool of candidates in the market. We apply logical/mathematical reasoning tests in conjunction with technical evaluations and soft-skills evaluations to ensure that our team is up to the challenge of living up to our intended goal.

With one of the largest pools of Professionals in all North America, TalentyO is able to get the best candidates for your company.

TalentyO was created in 2012 as part of a spin-off from BairesDev LLC (www.bairesdev.com), a multinational Technology Outsourcing Services company that provides outstanding talent and expertise to organizations across the globe.

Taking advantage of a proven successful Recruiting Model, TalentyO emerged as the strategic partner of the Human Resources areas of companies in need of Talent.

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